Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is an improved version of elastic sports tape that acts to dynamically assist your muscle function. Aims of Taping Tape may be used to: Stabilize or support an injury Relieve pain by de-loading vulnerable or painful structures Facilitate normal movement, muscle action, or postural patterns..

Why is Kinesiology Taping importand?

Kinesiology Therapeutic (KT) tape is used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and/or ligaments. It reduces swelling, increases mobility and enhances recovery Kinesiology tape works—when applied correctly—by lifting the skin from the tissues below it. Everyone has nerve receptors in their skin, as well as in the deep layers of the fascia, muscles, and other connective tissues.

We offer Kinesiology Taping packages to suit all sports types

Some of the areas we work on include Running, Cycling, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Netball and many more. Call us today to find out how we can assist you with Kinesiology Taping.